Dear Sir/ Madame!

Publishing House “N” which has been operating at Ukrainian and Russian markets for 18 years publishing two successful magazines about wines, strong alcohol, tobacco and restaurants CaBaRe/Chic and DRINKS+ and having undisputable reputation and authority as effective advertising medium offers Your producing company/winery a long-term co-operation!
During all these years of successful work at the market we have settled firm partner co-operation with producing companies as well as with companies-importers and distributors of wines, strong alcohol and food products, with managers and sommeliers of wine boutiques, restaurant owners and CEO of the biggest restaurant chains, directors of specialized stores and delicacy-markets.

All these professionals of food, wine and restaurant business in Ukraine and Russia can be interested in Your products and our Publishing House is here to help You to spread the information about Your products and offerings all over the market and to guarantee that this information gets to the companies of Your interest and to Your future partners.

With the help of effective PR-activities that we are to create and realize on the local market we can make all the food and wine producers, wine-importers and distributors of Ukraine well acquainted with your products. The presentation of Your food or beverages or wine-tasting event can give them good knowledge of Your products which will ensure their loyalty.

We offer You the mentioned bellow PR-activities to promote Your wines/ products among the interested participants of Ukrainian market:

For producers of wines, strong alcohol, beverages, olive oil and food products we offer organisation of event which includes tasting of products that are supposed to be exported to Ukraine. The announcement of the event and post-coverage material will be consequently published in CaBaRe/Chic and DRINKS+ magazines.

Target audience of presentation includes CEO and top-managers of importing and distribution companies of Ukraine, who deal with importing of food products and alcohol; restaurant owners and representatives of big restaurant chains; sommeliers of wines boutiques; managers of retail trade chains and delicacy-markets.

The package of services includes:

  • The rent of the premise in one of the best Kyiv restaurants or conference-hall in a prestige Kyiv hotel. If needed the outdoor format of the event or move to another city to hold the event are also possible for the additional cost that is to be discussed with the organisers.
  • For the wine or food tasting event we offer appropriate professional tableware, mineral water, light snacks; for presentation or conference we can organise coffee-break. The waiters, sommeliers and barmen personnel service is included into the package price.
  • The interpreter from the native language of the client is hired for the event.
  • Invitation of target audience (up to 30 representatives of importing and distribution companies, restaurants, wine boutiques and/or delicacy-markets). The list of invited guests and their contact details will be presented to the client afterwards.
  • Preparation of informational materials for the guests of presentation, conference or wine/food tasting event
  • Publication of announcement of the event with brief information about the represented products on 1 page of DRINKS+ magazine one month prior to the event
  • Publication of post-coverage material with more detailed information about the represented products and with contact details of producing company or its export manager to get the feedback from the participants of the event or to get in touch with other representatives of the market, who were not able to visit the event. The post-coverage material includes 4 pages of publication in DRINKS+ magazine.
  • The client that have ordered organisation of the event has right to place its advertisement in DRINKS+ and CaBaRe/Chic magazines for special discount price.
  • The announcement and post-publication of the event will be also published at our official web-site of the magazine

The total price of the service package is 4500 EUR

Additional information and services:

  • The transportation of wines and products for presentation event to Ukraine is made by the client and at his personal cost.
  • Presentation can be followed by the banquet menu or standing buffet can be served in the end of the event.
  • If necessary we provide organisation of client’s stay in Kyiv: order of hotel; transfer from airport to hotel and back; transport service during all period of stay; hiring of interpreter for his personal business meetings; providing excursions around Kyiv etc.)
  • The cost of additional services is not included into the price and must be discussed with the organisers separately.
  • For the companies that produce equipment, wrapping, sealing and capping materials, ingredients for beverages and special professional accessories we offer organisation of presentation or conference event which will be supported by the announcement and post-coverage of the event in DRINKS+ magazine. Target audience of presentation includes CEO and top-managers of the companies - producers of wines, beverages and strong alcohol, who are responsible for the technical questions of the business such as bottling, capping and boxing of their products.  The price for this service must be discussed with the organisers separately.

All Your advertisement materials and PR-articles can be also published on our official web-sites of the magazines and

We are sure that the mentioned above PR-activities hold in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, will raise a big interest among the Ukrainian and Russian representatives of the market, which will help You to sign a good contract on exporting Your products to these countries and to acquire numerous loyal customers at these markets!

CaBaRe/Chik magazine is popular and authoritative guide edition which has been published since 1993. The main goal of the magazine is to inform its audience about going out places, stores and boutiques, elite real estate objects in Ukraine and Russia. Our new projects are the special sections of the magazine about the best luxurious resorts in the world: in Greece, Turkey etc. Our target audience is active business people with high level of income and with energetic lifestyle, who are loyal consumers of luxury services. They make the most progressive, wealthy and dynamic part of Ukrainian and Russian citizens.

CaBaRe/Shik magazine is distributed free of charge with the circulation of 130000 copies in all prestigious hotels, restaurants, business centres, beauty salons, fitness and sport clubs, night clubs, medical clinics, boutiques and jewellery stores. It is also represented in the major travel agencies of Ukraine, Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can see the copies of the magazine in airports of Ukraine, on boards of airlines and private aircrafts, in deluxe trains and VIP-buses.


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